My story’s flying out into the world

It’s a joy to be spreading my wings. And my message.

Here are some of the media outlets where I’ve had the opportunity to share my story. It makes my heart soar when my story helps change someone else’s. Maybe that someone is you. (Happy reading and listening.)

Read the story that Rita Wilson chose for HuffPost. I was moved by the courage and openness that Rita Wilson exhibited during her struggle with breast cancer. And was deeply touched to have my story, of a very different kind of struggle, chosen as part of her “Voices of Strength” series. Read here.

Now hear this: I was interviewed on NPR. On “Force of Nature” a 10-minute segment of this popular NPR radio show, Dr. Sharon Ufberg interviews women who personally inspire her. I’m so happy to be one of them. And grateful to be featured on the same show as Toni Morrison. (Hint: if you want to skip to my interview, fast forward to 9:38.) Hear here.

Here’s my age-defying essay on MariaShriver.com. Writing “It’s Time To Break Out Of The Age Cage” was my birthday gift to myself. Having it chosen as a featured story on Maria’s Sunday Paper was the icing on the cake. Read here.

Read about my uplifting journey on Voyage LA. I’m honored to be honored by Voyage LA. With substance and style, their Hidden Gems Series tells the stories of inspiring creatives and local entrepreneurs in a very personal way. Read here.

Be one with this interview on OmTimes Radio. Victor Fuhrman’s questions were so compelling that this hour long interview flew by. I don’t mean to sound sexist, but I really didn’t expect a man to “get” my book the way that he did. (When you listen,  you’ll know why they call him Victor “The Voice” Fuhrman.) Listen here.

See what Ojai Monthly said about my Art Exhibit and Talk. Ojai, where I’m lucky enough to live, is a small town that’s big on creativity. Each month this magazine is filled with interesting events that are going on, In April, one of those events was mine. Read here.

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