It’s my birthday on Sunday.

I keep telling myself to “count your blessings, not your candles.”

And while I do have tons of blessings, I also have lots of mixed feelings about aging.

In fact, I’ve been rather stuck in the muck about it lately.

But fortunately, I received an early birthday gift today.

This uplifting download of divine wisdom about aging that came through my writing: 

Dear One,

You wear this number as if it were an imprint from Auschwitz.

Your age is not a curse. It is not something to be ashamed of. 

It is an honor.

An opportunity to show the world that when you cultivate a garden over time, the blossoms are more fragrant. And the roots are more stable.

This is what you need to celebrate.

Another year is not a sentence that you must bear. It is a magical ring on the Tree of Life.

When you look in the mirror, you find that thing that is not perfect. Then you compare it to someone in a magazine’s retouched life.,


When you look in the mirror you must see your light, your beauty, and your worth.

When the critical mind zeroes in on a flaw, you must bellow from the depths of your soul: “STOP.”

And find what is beautiful about your face, your body and your age.

You must deprogram the undermining belief in your culture that a nubile young maiden is worth more than a wise, ageless woman in all her glory and wisdom,

You must stop conspiring against yourself, your age and all woman- kind.

You must stop the cruelty, the diminishing and the hiding.

Celebrate the gift of who you are. At this time. On this day.

Happy Worth Day.

Some people call this kind of divine wisdom “channeling.” I call it Flight Instruction.”

I’m so grateful for this higher perspective and intend to re-read this daily to reprogram my belittling brain.

(If you’d like some personalized Flight Instruction to help get unstuck from your muck, email me and I’ll tell you more about it.)

In the meantime, thank you for being a treasured flying companion on this fascinating (and sometimes turbulent) journey called Life. You are such a gift to me.

Oh, and you know what I’d love for my birthday?

For you to scroll down to the  “comment section” and share how you feel about your Worth Day.

With soaring gratitude,