I’m sharing this short video from my recent”Breaking Out of The Age Cage” Workshop near Austin, for two reasons:

1. It was an extraordinary event. And I wish you all could have been there.

2.The story behind it could help you create some crazy magic too.

And it all started with the words “thank you.”

Here goes:

Last November, I sat in my garden, listening to the longings of my herat and and felt guided to say this prayer of thanks for what I hoped would happen as if it had:

“Mother/Father God, thank you for connecting me with open-hearted, soul-centered women who invite me to share my story and my workshop with their community.”

Then I spent a few moments, feeling the joy in my body, as if my prayer had come true.

Later that day…

I was scrolling through Instagram and something told me to reach out to Sonja, a dear friend I hadn’t spoken to in eons.

During our long catch-up conversation, she asked me what I’ve been up to work-wise. And I told her about my “Breaking Out of The Age Cage Workshop.” And that I was looking for more places to share it.

With that, Sonja raved about Moonacre Ranch, a women’s retreat center in the Texas Hill Country that she had just come back from. And that she was sure that Liz, the owner, would absolutely LOVE what I’m doing.

Wow, was she right. Liz and I talked for two hours. She was open-hearted, soul-centered and LOVED my workshop and the idea of collaborating. Just like that, we scheduled my workshop for March 23rd.

Reality surpassed my dreams.

When the day finally arrived, I pinched myself to see 18 beautiful women gathered in Liz’s “Spirit Yurt,” all dressed in her signature “kaftans.”

We sat in sacred circle, sharing stories and secrets, aspirations and fears, laughter and tears. In rituals, we burned our old, limited stories about aging. And literally planted new ageless, cageless visions for living forward.

My intention was to create a safe, nurturing space where we could go deep. And boy, did we. (I cried happy tears wseeing how many women reached for the Kleenex box!)

And talk about southern hospitality, Liz (seen here with me) brought in a scrumptious catered lunch and later, hosted a wine-tasting with local wines from female vintners. The whole day was sheer magic.

Now what?

Now that I’ve seen how powerful the processes and tools in this workshop were and how joyful and liberating it was for everyone, I’m more committed than ever to keep bringing this work out into the world.

I’d be so grateful if you’d share this or any ideas you might have of other venues or groups who would want to “Break Out of The Age Cage.”

With wings of love,

P.S. If there’s something you want to make happen,I hope you’ll try the process I described here. Keep in mind that I did this repeatedly for months. It’s basically this process: First, thank  God, the Universe or whatever you believe in, for whatever it is you want to manifest, as if it has already happened. Then, allow yourself to feel the joy, relief, fulfillment—whatever feelings that manifestation would elicit in you. And most importantly, BELIEVE that magic can happen. (Cynics need not apply:)

P.S.S. If you could use some help/support/guidance, feel free to contact me for a Muck-To-Magic Session.