In my morning meditation, I make it a practice to pray for magic and miracles.

But I never, ever expected to find one lying on the little white couch in our family room.

As you probably know, I’m obsessed with dragonflies. And so inspired by how they grow their magical wings while crawling in the muck at the bottom of a pond.

I don’t know where this unusual looking dragonfly came from or how she got into our home.

But I do believe she came with a message as clear as her exquisite wings:

We are growing our magic in the midst of this unfathomable muck. 

Of course, it’s not easy to have that kind of perspective during these challenging times.

It’s only human to find ourselves stuck in the muck of worry, fear and WTF.

But I’m on a mission to pay the dragonfly magic forward. And to help you find  some of the gifts hidden in your struggles.

That’s why I’ve decided to offer my Uplifting Giftings through the end of June.

During these free 15-minute intuitive phone sessions, I receive divine guidance to help you see things from a higher perspective. And move forward with more clarity and joy.

Or, as Teri from Long Beach, California, said so eloquently:

“My session was uplifting, creative, and magical! Wendi intuitively zeroed right in on what was blocking me and suggested  personalized self-nurturing activities to realign with my heart and soul’s purpose.”

And I was overjoyed to receive this from May of Ontario, Canada:

“Thank you so much, Wendi. The ritual you shared with me was very powerful and as a result, I feel so much lighter and brighter. I have gained more clarity on my next steps and as if by “magic,” pleasant, unexpected things are happening in my life.” 

To be honest….

I had no intention of doing intuitive phone sessions. I was “planning” more live speaking events and in-person workshops.

But as John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.”

So, one day, I rose up from the muck of uncertainty and sobbed out a prayer,  “How can I be of service at this time?” And that’s when I heard the words “Uplifting Gifting.”

These magical sessions were growing in my muck.

I’d love to help you discover what magic is growing in yours.

If your heart is saying “yes,” then, have your fingers email me at  And I’ll set up a time for us to talk. ASAP.

With wings of love,
xo Wendi