Everyone always says “listen to your heart.”

But how can you even hear it with all the noise and chaos of the outside world? Not to mention all the noise and chaos inside your head.

After years of being bullied by My Brain and all its judgments, fears and worries, I’ve learned to listen to and trust the Voice Of My Heart.

It’s the wise, loving voice that comes from deep in your soul. And I can honestly say, it’s never led me wrong.

Your Heart knows things.

My Brain told me that my husband Will was “too short” for me. But My Heart was drawn to his essence. (We’ve been married 32 years.)

My Brain said I was nuts to take an intuitive painting class at night while juggling a job and a baby. But My Heart knew it was my calling.

My Brain warned me not to move from L.A. to Ojai. But My Heart knew it had found its home.

So, how do you to connect with the voice of your hear?

Your Heart speaks softly. A whisper in the wind. A message in a dream. Or a flutter of a feeling.

You won’t hear her in a crowd. Or while you’re multi-tasking. She needs time and space to express herself.

So, hit the pause button. Clear a few moments in your day. And find a quiet place to sit or lie down. On your bed. On the floor. Or best of all, on the earth. (There’s nowhere more grounding.)

Now, literally pledge allegiance to Your Heart.

Simply place your hand on Your Heart, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths right into your hand.

Ask Your Heart (either aloud or in your mind), “What do you need right now?” And listen for her answer. It might be  “A bath.” “A nap.” Or “A scream.”

One day, My Heart answered that question with “I need to wander.”  So, I actually let go of my to-do list and ironically, had one of the most productive days ever.

Your Heart has wisdom that Your Brain can’t compute.

When you can’t decide if you should go somewhere or not, ask Your Heart, “Would this bring me peace?” Or “joy?”  Or whatever feels right to you.

The more you make a practice of asking her, the more you’ll hear from her. And be guided out of should’s and have to’s into the places where Joy lives.

Have a heart-to-heart with Your Heart.

My wish for you this Valentine’s month is that you spend some quality time, honoring and cherishing your own sweet Heart.

When we deepen that relationship inside ourselves, we don’t need as much from the outside world.  (Which isn’t to say that flowers and chocolates aren’t lovely. But the wisdom of Your Heart lasts forever.)

Now, I invite you to share whatever’s in your heart in the comment section below.

With wings of love,