It was a mystical full-moon kind of night. The kind of night made for magic.

So, there I stood, in my nightgown and bare feet, and asked God, the moon, the stars and anyone else who was listening:

“Please send me those who can help bring my Dragonfly message out into the world in the biggest, most visible and joyous way—-uplifting and inspiring as many women as possible.”

I went to sleep that night, feeling happy that my order had been placed.

And hoping, that with any luck, the universe would serve me up a nice, big juicy speaking engagement.

Well, the next morning the craziest thing happened.

Sleepy-eyed, I scrolled down through my emails and found this:

“We want to feature you! We feature Lisa Nichols, Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsch, Marci Shimoff…”


First, I checked to make sure it was really meant for me.

And it was.

The senders were Dr. Sharon Uffberg and her daughter, Alexis Sclamberg, a dynamic duo who were  friends of my brother and sister-in-law.

We had re-connected through Facebook a few years back and in their words, “We are HUGE fans of your newsletters.”

Well, it turns out,  Sharon and Alexis have created a website called Borrowed Wisdom which offers “cutting edge resources  and programming to help you get a life you love.”

And they invited ME to join the ranks of some pretty impressive luminaries who they’ve interviewed on their Wisdom Wednesday Interview Series.

And, get this:

They have a following of 10,000 women.

Yes, you heard me. 10,000 WOMEN!!!!!

(I’m not a big fan of exclamation marks, but c’mon!)

Never in a gazillion years did I expect my prayer to be answered so quickly.


There’s a huge lesson in this for you, too.

When we send out a message from our hearts, our brains need to butt out.

Assign that detail-oriented, control freak part of you to the realm of list-making and bill-paying.

It just wasn’t made for manifesting.

Anyway, God, Goddess, Spirit, The Divine (whatever you want to call it) has a much grander plan than our meager little minds can begin to imagine.

Place your order. And trust.

I love this metaphor: (Sorry, if I’ve shared it before, but I can’t help myself.)

When you go to a restaurant, most of us wouldn’t dream of telling the chef what seasonings to use or what temperature is best for cooking their signature dish.

The culinary magic happens when we let go and let him or her do their thing.

In his brilliant book, Manifesting Change, Mike Dooley says we should all leave the “cursed hows” up to the universe.

Or, as I like to put it:

Ask now. Not how.

So, going back to my moonlit night—I didn’t specify where or when or how many women I wanted to
uplift and inspire.

But I did allow myself to feel the joy of imagining what it would be like to share my Dragonflying Lessons with “as many women as possible.

In other words, I connected to the essence of what I wanted to happen. Not the form.

So, what magic is your heart is longing for?

I hope that my story inspires you to “ask now and not how.”

In fact, I now invite you to scroll down to the comment section below and share what it is you really and truly want to ask the universe for.

When we dare to name and claim our heart’s true desires within the loving support of a community like this one, it has the power to lift up our prayers.

And give our hearts wings.

With soaring love and gratitude
xox Wendi

P.S. My “Wisdom Wednesday” interview will be running on  May 18th.
I promise to fill you in on the details when I get them.