I don’t know about you, but I started the New Year stuck in lots of mental muck.

For days, my menacing mind kept tormenting me with a litany of what I didn’t accomplish last year.

I would have told it to “shut the muck up,” but I didn’t have the energy–thanks to a bad case of “Post Election Stress Syndrome.”

I used to go shopping.

But now, I go inward.

And when I do, I am blessed with the gift of receiving Divine Wisdom through my writing.

Some call it channeling.

I call it Flight Instruction.

And I believe this message is meant as much for you as it is for me.

Flight Instruction for 2017:

“Dear One,

It is time to re-program your inner computer so you can move forward fearlessly.

Here is the code:


These words are not only the name of God  in the Old Testament. They are the way to activate your own divine nature.

Say them when you are filled with doubt, racked with fear or floundering for direction.

No longer can you look to other humans for validation or approval when you feel small, off-center, overwhelmed or under-loved.

Instead, strengthen the connection to your Divine Self daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute, if needed.

Breathe deep in your heart and proclaim:


Allow that vibration to be the drumbeat that lifts your heart and pummels your tyrannical mind.

Resolutions only set you up for failure, limitations and self-loathing. 

“I AM THAT I AM” empowers you to be The Creator, The Weaver of Dreams, The Mystical Manager Of Your Own Life.

And that is when miracles happen.

We wish you nothing less.

With all our blessings,

The Flutterings

(The name I’ve given the Divine Wisdom that comes through.)

I AM naming. And claiming.

With all the fear and frenzy swirling around these days, I’ve been “I AM-ing” like crazy.

When I wake up in the morning, I inhale, thinking: “I AM.”

Then, I exhale, thinking: “THAT I AM.”

After doing that three times, I continue breathing in and out a series of I AM statements, naming and claiming what I want to feel—as if it already exists.

For example:

I AM blessed.

I AM grateful.

I AM strong.

I AM safe.

I AM fearless.

I AM limitless.

I AM protected.

I AM divinely guided.

I AM trusting the magical process unfolding in my life.

I AM sharing my gifts with joy and abundance.

I AM in the right place at the right time.

I AM sure you’ll come up with plenty of your own.

You can “I AM”  before you go to sleep, when you’re chopping a salad, doing yoga, showering, walking, worrying or whenever your inner computer needs re-programming.

Since I’ve been I AM-ing, I AM calmer, more focused and kinder to myself.

Everyday, I AM rising more and more out of my muck and into my magic.

In fact, this last couple of weeks, doors have unexpectedly been opening with ease and grace.

It’s been a time of synchronistic meetings. Soul-connected conversations. And surprising connections to booking agents and speaking events.

I believe that when we name and claim an “I AM,” we are like satellites sending a signal out to the earth.
The clearer and more frequent our message, the more people, events and “coincidences” conspire on our behalf.

Less IM-ing.More I AM-ing.

Our thoughts have power.

So, let’s pay as much attention to how we communicate with ourselves as we do everyone else.

(You may want to print out my little I AM painting as a reminder.)

Now, I AM hoping that you’ll just wing it and  share some of your own I AM’s in the comment section below. 

Let’s support each other in naming and claiming our magic this year.

I AM grateful to be soaring into 2017 with you.

As always, I AM sending gobs of love your way,