For two years, while my paintings hung on the bulletin board of my studio, I kept imagining them on the walls of a beautiful all-white art gallery.

Even though I was stuck in the tearful, fearful muck of Publishing Hell, I kept picturing the magic of someday having an Art Exhibit and Book Signing party.

That nasty Voice In My Head kept ranting, “You’re nuts!” “You’re not a real artist” and  “How dare you dream that dream!”

But the Voice of My Soul insisted that I keep seeing and feeling the joy of  connecting, celebrating and sharing the art of my heart.   

AND GUESS WHAT:                                                                                                                               

In 10 days from today, my technicolor dream comes true.

16 of the paintings from my new book, From Muck To Magic will really and truly be hanging on the highly esteemed white walls of Porch Gallery in Ojai.

You being part of the celebration would be yet another dream come true.

But even if Ojai isn’t on your flight pattern, I hope that my story will remind you to keep seeing and believing in your dream.

If I can get my first book published and my first gallery exhibit at 65 years young, anything is possible.

Like the dragonflies always remind me, “It’s never too late to soar.”

If you have a dream, you’ve been carrying in your heart, I invite you to name and claim it below. That way, we can all envision it and help dream it into reality.

With wings of love,