I want to start by wishing you a Happy New Year.

Now, I’m not so naive (or woo-woo) to think that all the muck in the world’s going to suddenly disappear with one big Poof.

But I do believe that when we invite more magic into our lives, it creates a ripple effect out into the world.

Which is why I’m compelled to share this story about my altar with you.

It all started this last November.

 In the muck of the pandemic, I lost all track of time. (Who hasn’t?) And suddenly, realized that I hadn’t done a thing to promote my book for the holidays.

After a big fat career in advertising, I was used to departments full of people doing big fat media plans to promote the products I worked on.

But in this new life as an author and artist, it’s just Me, Myself and I.

And all three of us, had a bad case of “The Shoulds.” (As in I should have gotten some PR.  I should have gotten into gift guides. I should have planned ahead.)

I took some deep breaths and shifted out of my Punishing Mind and tuned in to the voice of my Loving Heart who kindly asked “What’s your intention?”

Now, that was easy.

During a time of so much muck, I felt a deep calling to uplift and inspire as many women as possible with my book and my story.

So, I consciously let go of the “should’s” and the “how to’s” and focused on my intention.

An altar-native plan.

I’ve always loved altars. To me, they’re like little temples we can create to honor our own divinity. A powerful and creative way to help bring our prayers, hopes and dreams into form.

There are all kinds of articles online about what “should” go on your altar. And what those things symbolize.

But, being a dragonfly, I prefer “winging it” and going  with whatever items speaks to me. And represents my intention.

You can create an altar anywhere. In your garden, on a corner of your desk, on a shelf. I chose the red file cabinet in my office.

When my creation was done, I lit a candle and said a prayer, asking for divine assistance in “letting the magic fly.” to all those hearts and souls longing for the message I had to share.

Then, I put my hands on my heart, and breathed in the joy of what that would feel like.

You won’t believe what happened then. (I still can’t.)

Within a couple of days of creating this altar, my story and my book were featured on a paradigm-shifting blog called Girls Gone 50. (And my book was chosen for their wonderful Self-Gifting Guide. They called it “an illustrated blueprint for midlife transformation” which I just love.)

Next, I was invited to be a guest on an empowering webinar offering tools and strategies for coping with anxiety.

Then, a women’s leadership coach shared a video of me reading my book with her large and lovely “tribe.”

And last, but certainly not least, my ebook was selected to be part of a brilliant program called “Beside Reading On The Download.” And was offered as a digital amenity to luxury hotel guests from the Conrad in New York to the Fairmont in Santa Monica.

I’m still pinching myself.

Ask. And you never know what you’ll receive. 

People always ask me how I’ve managed to manifest so much magic in my life.

My answer? I ASK FOR IT.

In my morning meditation, I make a point of setting intentions, praying and asking for signs.

Here are a couple of (short) stories from my blog that illustrate the power of asking.



I actually give myself permission to ask for magic and miracles.

So many of us, especially women, have been programmed to believe that we’re lucky to get whatever crumbs we can in life. And how dare we ask for more.

But I believe that, when we ask and receive our heart’s desires, we have more to give others. And that’s some of the mega-magic that life’s about.

So, what are you asking for this year?

Now, this is between you and your Heart. (So, just tell your Mind to “chill.”)

Close your eyes. Put your hand on your Heart and take a few deep breaths. And ask “What are you longing for?”

Maybe you’ll hear a single word like CREATIVITY. PROSPERITY. Or LOVE.

Or maybe, a specific dream, project or vision will come to you.

As for me, I’m longing for more JOY this year. (Enough with the OY.)

I AM JOYFULLY creating a workbook and a workshop called “Creating Magic Out of Muck.”

I AM experiencing  the JOY of creating it, the JOY of sharing it and the JOY of uplifting and inspiring others with it.

(Using the words “I AM ” and speaking of your intentions in present tense is one of the ways we can help them fly out into the world.

Let go. And let magic.

 I’ve learned that when we ask the Universe (God, Goddess, Whoever or Whatever You Believe In), we need to let go of the “How.”

In my story, I set the intention to “Let The Magic Fly” and my prayers were answered in creative ways that I never, ever would have thought of on my own.

Speaking of being creative, I’m starting to dream up my altar to JOY.

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.

If you feel like it,  share your intentions for 2021 (or anything you feel like expressing) in the comment section below. The more of us who hold space for your vision, the more potent it becomes.

Here’s to a JOYFUL New Year. And new opportunities to help each other soar

With wings of love and magic,
XO Wendi