When my husband Will and I moved out of Los Angeles to the magical town of Ojai, people kept asking me "Are you retiring?” This video is what I had to say about that. It’s one of the ways I’m breaking out of what I call The Age Cage. What about you?

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From Ewww To Awe.

One of the joys during the Age of Corona has been dining in our magical backyard. Having a refuge from the insanity of the outside world has literally been a breath of fresh air. That is, until a sickening stench began wafting through the air. And took up residence somewhere around the mint and the [...]

The Blessings Of A Bee Sting?

So, there I was. blissfully floating in the pool. Serenaded by a birdie choir. And dazzled by a crimson dragonfly fluttering by. Suddenly, my bubble was burst as a yellow jacket’s stinger stabbed the tender crease of my inner left arm. OW quickly became WOW. In minutes, my arm turned tomato red and swelled up [...]

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