I have a feeling you are too.

In that spirit, I’m thankful to share this little story with you.

The other morning I was (literally) up at the crack of dawn.

I couldn’t sleep. My mind was spinning with worry, fear and anxiety.

Not just about the state of the world. But about someone very near and dear to my heart who I’m deeply concerned about.

So, I bundled up and went outside to sit under the eucalyptus trees in the area we call “The Nest.”

As is my morning ritual, I thanked the towering trees, the pink clouds, the earth, the flowers, the birds, and all the seen and unseen inhabitants of our backyard for being there.

Then, with tears in my eyes, I said a prayer (to God, Goddess, Spirit, The Divine, The Universe, whoever was listening to me.)

Sobbing from the depths of my soul, I pleaded “Please send  Magic and Miracles. And give me a sign that you are hearing my prayers.”

]In my meditation, I was shown the symbol of a heart with flames emanating from it. And was told to envision those flames burning away traumas from the past and fears about the future.

Afterward, I felt soooo much lighter and calmer.

And then, this happened:

About an hour later, I sat down at our outdoor picnic table to do some work.  And I could barely believe my eyes.

Right  there, on our table, was this small silver Mexican charm.

(It’s called a milagro which, actually means “miracle” in Spanish. )

As you can see, it’s a HEART WITH FLAMES!!!! Just like in my meditation.

( It’s called a “Sacred Heart” and it symbolizes “Divine Love.”)

I first fell in love with milagros  in Oaxaca  25 years ago. I always keep some some in my art studio and use them in my paintings from time to time.

But they’re always hidden away in my closet and I’ve never, ever, ever had one outside at the picnic table.

(So, if that’s not a sign of magic and miracles, I don’t know what is.)

That little charm has made me feel hope and support in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

I hope my story helps you look at yours through new eyes.

I believe that the moral of this story is that no matter how bleak things might look, there’s always light hidden in the darkness. And magic growing in our muck.

And when we open-heartedly ask, the Universe answers.

But when we ask, I do believe we need to detach from expectations and form. So that the Universe can work its magic in its own unique way.

It’s like when you order something at a restaurant. (Remember those?) You don’t go into the kitchen and tell the chef which seasonings to use. You trust his or her alchemy.

“Ask and you shall receive.” 

 (I didn’t make this stuff up. It’s in the Bible, for God’s sakes.)

So, try it.

Try asking for magic and miracles (or a sign or whatever your heart is longing for.) And stay open to what shows up.

Now, of course, many of us are having a Thanksgiving that isn’t exactly the one we would have asked for,

But if we set the intention and ask to find what’s right even when things go wrong, we may be surprised and delighted by what unexpectedly shows up.

As for me….

I am beyond thankful for the miracle of YOU showing up in my life.

And  wish you a magical Thanksgiving (no matter what form it takes).

With wings of love and gratitude,