You know that expression “ask and you shall receive?”

Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s not just some old adage.

It’s a powerful tool for turning your personal muck into magic.

Here’s the story.

A few days ago, I woke up feeling, well…“icky.”

So, I went outside to the garden to meditate.

As I was breathing deeply into my heart, hummingbirds hummed.

Songbirds sang.

And tears welled up in my eyes.

I realized in that moment, how deeply I missed my parents.  

(I lost my father ten years ago and my mother; five. But grief has no expiration date. And seems to show up when we least expect it.)

Maybe I was crying because I never got to share the magic of our garden and life in Ojai with my parents.

Or maybe the mucked up state of the world was making me feel small and vulnerable.

Whatever it was, I was soooo sad.

Then, this happened.

As I continued breathing and crying, something told me to speak these words out loud:

“Mom, I miss you so much. If you’re around, could you please give me a sign?”

A few seconds later, a little fluffy white feather floated down from the sky onto the grass where I was sitting!!!

I couldn’t believe it. I found myself crying happy, grateful tears.

That little feather filled me with a huge sense of wonder, connection and faith that there’s a lot more to this world than meets the eye.

But then, Edna, my cynical Inner Critic snidely said: “Yeah, right. There’s a coincidence if I ever saw one.”

Oh yeah?

Magic strikes twice.

I felt a pang for my father, remembering all those Sunday mornings when I was little, going to the nursery together and picking out flowers.

“Daddy, are you here? If you are, will you please give me a sign?”

In seconds, another little white fluffy feather flew down from the heavens!!!

And this one landed in the flower bed nearby. (Leave it to my Dad.)

 You’re just an ask away from a miracle.

I believe that magic and miracles happen every day on this planet. But most of us are too distracted, overwhelmed or “logical” to notice.

 When I share these stories, people often say “Well, that’s you.”

And I say, “It could be you, too.”

For years, I’ve been developing a practice of asking, manifesting and receiving.

Now, during these times of muck and mayhem, I feel called to help you bring more magic and miracles into your life.

So, during the month of September, a “Mini Muck-To-Magic Session” is yours for the asking.
A 20-minute phone session for just $40. (Instead of my usual 60-minute sessions for $175.)

 During these sessions, I’ll  help guide you to what to ask for. And how to phrase your question, prayer or affirmation.

I can also channel answers to questions you’ve been grappling with.

(I happen to have a very unusual method of channeling information from the higher realms. Trust me, you have to hear it to believe it.)

To book a time, contact me here.

Tell me your muck. And I’ll show you your magic.

With wings of love,