When life knocked me down, hundreds of red dragonflies lifted me up.

What I learned about them was so life-changing, I’ve been writing, painting and speaking about it ever since.

(Here’s the whole story if you haven’t heard it.)

I discovered that dragonflies spend most of their lives crawling around the bottom of a pond. And while stuck in the muck, they grow their magical wings.

Their story has helped me change my own story. From the muck of self-doubt, worry and fear to the magic of self-love, trust and courage.

It’s been a number of years since my mystical experience with that fetch* of red dragonflies in our backyard.

These days, I see dragonflies of almost every color almost everywhere I go.
(Seriously, from the 405 freeway to a pyramid in Tulum.)

And many of the dragonflies I encounter are of the human variety.

In fact, I’ve been collecting the muck-to-magic stories of inspiring women who have flown into my path, with plans of sharing them with you.

And now, I’m thrilled to say, that the first, in a series of interviews that I call Dragonflies Among Us, will be landing in your inbox in just a few days.

(Oh, and if you or someone you know, has an uplifting muck-to-magic story to share, do tell. Just shoot me an email.)

There’s a lot of muck in the world. And I’m on a mission to out-magic it.

With soaring love,            

*Fyi, a fetch is the dragonfly equivalent of a gaggle of geese or a pride of lions.