Why I’d rather age colorfully than gracefully.

Don't get me wrong. "Aging gracefully" is lovely. In a quiet, refined, elegant kind of way. Which is great, if that's "You." But it's definitely not "Me." I was never particularly graceful when I was younger. So, why would I suddenly become that way as I age? To me,  the term "aging gracefully" feels like a cultural corset that holds women to one tight standard. [...]

From Muck To Magic.

Have you ever been so stuck in the muck that it felt like you’d never get out? Well, that was me one very dark night last September. I’ll never forget my husband Will and I just sitting in our backyard, staring up at the full moon. It seemed to stare back, asking “How could you?” [...]

How I Broke Out of Prison.

Even though I’ve grown up in a free country, I’ve spent most of my life behind bars imprisoned by a cruel and tyrannical dictator: My Mind. Since childhood, the Voice In My Head has belittled, brainwashed, taunted and tricked me into believing I was “too” this and “not enough” that. It has tortured me with [...]

My Mother, The Dragonfly.

When hundreds of red dragonflies literally flew into my life,I realized they had a story to tell. Little did I know, my very own 81-year old mother would be part of that story. But first things first. Did you know that dragonflies spend much of their lives (up to four years) crawling around the bottom [...]