No matter how many sweet nothings someone else whispers in our ears, what really matters are the things we say to ourselves.
As grateful as I am to be married to one of the most adorable, thoughtful and romantic men on the planet, I know that True Love starts with our relationship to our own hearts.
That’s why I wrote this self-love letter to myself. (It’s from a painting I created for my book, From Muck To Magic.)
And a not-so-subtle hint that your own sweet heart would like to receive a little love from you.
So, whip out a pen, pour on some flowery language and mega-mushiness. Speak as adoringly and compassionately to yourself as you would a cherished friend.
You’ll love yourself for it. (Especially when you re-read it later on one of a self-doubting day.)
What better way to say Happy Valentines Day to the most important person in your life?
And if that person would like to add her special voice to the conversation, just scroll down to the comments section below.  (It makes my heart so happy to hear from you.)
With wings of love,
xo Wendi