The other day, I was sitting amongst the flowers in my magical garden.

But my mind was elsewhere—stuck in the muck of worry, fear and worst case scenarios.

Suddenly, I was jolted out of my downward spiral by the surprisingly hefty  HUMMMMM of a tiny hummingbird, hovering just inches from my face.

I was so transfixed by her lovely lilac face and fluttering fairytale wings that all those mucky, murky thoughts  just “poofed” away like magic.

Vibrating pure joy, she looked me straight in the eye as if to say “Be. Here.Now.”(Hmmmm. Did Ram Dass come back as a hummingbird?)

Find your inner hummingbird.

The next time your mind is heading down that deep dark tunnel of Woulda’s, Shoulda’s and What If’s, try this:

1.Place your hand on your heart and take a nice, long nourishing breath.

2.Then, focus on something that brings you joy. For me, it was a hummingbird. For you, it might be a brilliant yellow sunflower. Or your dog’s sweet wet nose. Or a bird’s song. Or a baby’s coo.  Or a favorite memory, Or that special photo on your desk. Or_____________.

3.When you focus on what lights you up, that feeling expands.And the more  you allow it in, the more you become a magnet for even more light.

When I’m overwhelmed by the enormous problems in the world, I find that focusing on one small wonder takes me out of my head into a place of stillness and calm. And helps me switch from the Oy Channel to the Joy Channel.

If you could use a little help finding your joy, I’d love to offer you a free Uplifting Gifting.

During these free 15-minute intuitive phone sessions, I receive divine guidance to help you see things from a higher perspective. And to move forward with more clarity and joy.

Or, as Cathy from Ojai, CA . shared so eloquently:

“Wendi is a truly beautiful, intuitive and magical soul who shines a light on the energy swirling around each of us, helping to discern – or divine – ways of being that lift us up to support and realize our deepest desires.”

And I was overjoyed to receive this from Bonnie of Los Angeles:

“Wendi has amazing gifts of creativity, compassion, insight and intuition-among many more. In a very short time, she uses all these gifts to get to the heart of the matter and guided me towards my next steps. Time spent with Wendi is effective, helpful, joyful and uplifting.”

To be honest….

For a very long time, friends have been urging me to do intuitive sessions. And I kept resisting, not sure if it was my calling.

But these uncomfortable times seem to be asking us each to spread our wings in new ways. And when I asked Spirit, “how can I be of service right now?” the words “Uplifting Gifting” emerged.

Much to my surprise, these Giftings have been as uplifting for me as the recipients. So, I’ve decided to open up some more time slots during the month of July.

With all the “oy” in the world, I’m on a mission to help create some more joy.

So, if your heart is saying “yes,” to that,  fly an email over to me at And I’ll joyfully set up a time for us to talk. ASAP.

With wings of magic,