If there ever was a time when the world needed more  light, this would be it.

Thankfully, Hanukkah, aka The Festival of Lights, is starting  today—just in the nick of time.

 Here’s the story: Over 2,000 years ago, a small band of  faithful Jews fought one of the mightiest armies on earth to  take back their temple.

Everything had been destroyed except a small container with just enough oil to light the menorah for one night.

Miraculously, it kept burning for eight days and nights.

Tonight, staring out at the big black sky I thought about how dark the world can seem at times.

And how overwhelming it feels to be just one little person with a burning desire to make a difference.

Then, it dawned on me:

We don’t have to light the whole menorah.

Just one little candle at a time.

Here are a few of my bright ideas for lighting up your world:


When you wake up in the morning, take a minutes to breathe right into the center of your heart.Imagine there’s a light switch there.

Simply “turn it on” before you go out into the world.

In any moment, ask yourself what kindness can you extend to a friend, a colleague, a stranger, a relative or the world. If your light feels like it’s starting to dim, just flick the switch.

Can you imagine how different this world would be, if everyone started their day like this?


Our lives are filled with so many should’s, have to’s and ought to’s that sometimes it feels selfish to do things for ourselves
But here’s the thing.

When you take time to feed your soul, you have more nourishment to give away.

When you share your true gifts, you remind others of theirs.
And when you light the flame of joy within yourself, you help light up the world.


Never underestimate the power of the smallest gesture.

Sometimes all it takes is one little smile or the words “I understand” to shift someone’s day from hopeless to hopeful.

Imagine, if each of us shared our own little flicker of light, together we’d have the power to illuminate the darkest sky.

And shine with the possibility that we’re always just one candle away from a miracle.

Wishing you magic, light and love—no matter what holiday you celebrate this season.


P.S. Please feel free to share some light on the subject in the space below. It’s always such a gift to hear from you.