What did you want to be when you grew up?

For me, it was always a teacher.

That is, until I became a student teacher.

And my cranky supervisor, Mr. Eby criticized the “uneven borders”on my wildly imaginative bulletin boards.

That, and a few more disillusioning experiences, was enough for me to give up that dream.

Luckily, my gift for “thinking outside the rectangle” was more appreciated in the world of creative advertising.

Decades later, I’m actually teaching.

Once day, I was stuck in the muck of “Now what?”

A dear friend said, “You’re a master manifestor. You should teach others how you keep making magic and miracles out of your muck.”

So, in my 4-week class, I’ll teach you “The Way of The Dragonfly,” a 4-step process to help you find the gifts in your struggles.

And how to transform your blues and blahs into magic and miracles. 

I doubt that Mr. Eby would approve of my perfectly imperfect weekly videos.

Or the colorful, fun and engaging daily worksheets.

Or the intuitive guidance I share during our “Magical Monday” Zoom Circles.

But guess what Mr. Eby….
I just got asked to teach my class again on October 18th !!! 

“Wendi’s class  was an absolute delight—- inspiring, heart-opening and filled with practical, transformational tools. I was so impressed by her creativity, authenticity and genuine desire to serve, that I’ve invited her back to Altar to teach it again this fall so the rest of you have  a chance to experience the magic.”
                                                   -Kathy Bresler /Founder of AltarCommunity.com

Who knows what lost dreams are growing in your muck?

Trust me, I never expected to be living a dream that I forgot I had. In a way I never could have imagined.

I can’t wait to help you discover the magic and miracles that are waiting for you. Right in the muck of your very own life.

To find out more and to register, just fly on over here.

With wings of love,

P.S. Please share this with any friends who could use a lift.