How I Broke Out of Prison.

Even though I’ve grown up in a free country, I’ve spent most of my life behind bars imprisoned by a cruel and tyrannical dictator: My Mind. Since childhood, the Voice In My Head has belittled, brainwashed, taunted and tricked me into believing I was “too” this and “not enough” that. It has tortured me with [...]


My Mother, The Dragonfly.

When hundreds of red dragonflies literally flew into my life,I realized they had a story to tell. Little did I know, my very own 81-year old mother would be part of that story. But first things first. Did you know that dragonflies spend much of their lives (up to four years) crawling around the bottom [...]


This Is Bigger Than Botox.

Trust me, I‘m not about to judge how anyone faces the ch-ch-ch-challenges of aging. Having just celebrated another birthday, it’s definitely a topic that’s on my mind. And on my forehead. And under my eyes. And around my neck. As far as Botox goes, I’ve personally never been a fan of injecting toxins into my [...]


Getting unstuck from the muck.

When you see a dragonfly soaring in all her iridescent splendor, it’s hard to believe that such an elegant creature spent much of her life crawling around the bottom of a pond. But it’s true. Dragonflies spend as much as four years in their larvae-like, creepy-crawly “nymph” phase, And it isn’t pretty. (More like Alien [...]


Come to a Dragonfly Salon.(Wings optional.)

I’ve always loved the idea of those salons they had in 18th century Paris. So, I’m throwing one in 21st century Los Angeles. On Sunday March 17th, we’ll sip Red Dragonfly cocktails, enjoy tasty tidbits and celebrate the joy of showing our true colors. I’ll be showing my first collection of limited edition Oh My Goddess [...]


The Year of the Dragonfly.

According to the Chinese, 2013 is The Year of The Snake, But my dragonfly friends have a different point of view. Yes, I said dragonfly friends. I know it sounds strange, but over the last couple of years, I’ve gotten to know quite a few of them. It all started one day, when swarms of [...]


Buh-bye dragonflies.Hello gnats.

Okay, so when we last met, I'd been visited four days in a row by a fetching fetch of dragonflies. When my fairy-dusted friends finally flew away, I must admit, some of my old "abandonment issues" cropped up. (You know that you're destined for a lifetime of therapy, when you get your feelings hurt by [...]


Wendi’s Believe-It-Or-Not.

Isn’t it interesting that when something goes wrong, we shrug and say “Shit happens.” Yet, when something magical happens, we respond with “that’s too good to be true.” Well, see what you think about this: It all started a few mornings ago. I found myself sobbing in my backyard, wondering what I was going to [...]

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