April 28th-Porch Gallery Ojai

Art Exhibit and Book-Signing Sunday, April 28th, From 3-5PM Porch Gallery Ojai 310 E Matilija St, Ojai, CA Ever since I did the last painting for my book, I kept picturing a book signing with the original paintings hanging in an all-white art gallery. I didn’t know how, when or if this would happen. But then, I [...]

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What Dream Is Growing In Your Muck?

For two years, while my paintings hung on the bulletin board of my studio, I kept imagining them on the walls of a beautiful all-white art gallery. Even though I was stuck in the tearful, fearful muck of Publishing Hell, I kept picturing the magic of someday having an Art Exhibit and Book Signing party. That nasty [...]

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March 31st—Launch Party!!!

Launch Party!!! Sunday, March 31st  at 3PM Diesel, A Book Store Brentwood Country Mart Santa Monica Diesel,  at the Brentwood Country Mart, has been one of my “happy places” ever since I took my son when he was little. In fact, I envisioned having my From Muck To Magic Launch Party there before my book was even published. [...]

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This is how I feel right now.

I'm thrilled to tell you that something I've been hoping for, dreaming of and obsessing about for a very long time has actually happened. I JUST SIGNED A  PUBLISHING CONTRACT FOR MY BOOK !!! Ever since my mystical experience with hundreds of red dragonflies, over 8 years ago, I’ve been compelled to find a special way to pay their magic forward. And after [...]