The Blessings Of A Bee Sting?

So, there I was. blissfully floating in the pool. Serenaded by a birdie choir. And dazzled by a crimson dragonfly fluttering by. Suddenly, my bubble was burst as a yellow jacket’s stinger stabbed the tender crease of my inner left arm. OW quickly became WOW. In minutes, my arm turned tomato red and swelled up [...]

Now hear this: I was interviewed on NPR.

Now hear this: I was interviewed on NPR. On “Force of Nature” a 10-minute segment of this popular NPR radio show, Dr. Sharon Ufberg interviews women who personally inspire her. I’m so happy to be one of them. And grateful to be featured on the same show as Toni Morrison. (Hint: if you want to [...]


My Wake Up Call

Wake up and smell the inspiration. Dr. Mark Goulston is a renowned psychiatrist fascinated with stories of transformation. He has interviewed over a 100 guests (from Chip Conley to Larry King) on his popular, inspirational podcast I was honored to be one of them. His probing, creative questions dug deep. And he even threw in a little therapy. Take a listen.


Boom Goddess

Oh My Goddess. I had THE BEST time talking with the three vibrant and inspiring hosts of Boom Goddess Radio. Instead of an interview, it felt like coffee with friends. We had so much to say about reinvention, overcoming adversity and “breaking out of the age cage," that we talked ourselves into a “Part Two.” Need [...]


On 8 Wings and a Prayer.

I miss my Mommy. (I guess pandemics have a way of doing that.) So, on this 4th year without her, instead of just lighting a candle in her honor, I said this little prayer: "Dear Mom, could you please give me a sign that you're with me? I wish it could be a dragonfly. But [...]

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